natural balms / beeswax candles
bálsamo natural / velas cera de abejas
 Osalicious invites you to luxuriate with natural beauty products from Costa Rica. These hand made balms  bring you soothing softness direct from the Osa peninsula rainforest. Here in the Osa , a secluded and still unspoiled area with vast acreage of protected forest , we have created a variety of softening balms that are as much a part of nature as the blue morpho butterflies that fill the air at dawn.

The balm / candle / surf wax factory and shop is located in downtown Puerto Jimenez. Balm specialists work their magic here. Tours available by appointment.
in costa rica call 8706-5107

  Twenty some years ago after a vacation to the Osa peninsula, the founder of Osalicious realized that one of the best ways to help save the rainforest is to buy it , one small piece at a time. With that idea in mind, she acquired a small property which was fittingly named Finca Siempre Verde. Her wish is that it be kept as a small private forest reserve. Approximately 14 plus acres, mostly virgin forest, it is home to an amazing array of wildlife, including visits by the mountain lion , tapir and wild peccary. Unfortunately due to habitat loss and continued poaching in the area, many of these animals, are endangered.  A portion of the profits from Osalicious will help rainforest conservation projects like Finca Siempre Verde in the Osa. Save your skin while helping to preserve the pristine rainforest of the Osa peninsula !