Lip Balm - keep 'em kissable ! Whether you're a snow bunny or sun worshipper, you need to protect your lips from nature's cruelty.  Enjoy the winter and summer fun and save your skin! Osalicious lip balms with protective properties for the lips and body, you can use it for softening all over. It's healing and soothing.

naranja / orange :              juicy lips / labios  jugosos
limon / lemon :                  pucker lips    / labios limones
menta / mint     :                shiver lips / labios frescos
canela / cinnamon :           cinful lips / labios picantes
cafe - labios vibrantes :     perky lips
maracuya / passion fruit :  labios apasionados / passion lips

manzanilla / chamomile :   labios preciosos / precious lips

natural - luscious lips :       labios deliciosos
chocolate :                         labios dulces / sugar lips

Massage balm : It's a gentle emollient perfect for a de-stressing, sensual massage. The lavender , rose, yalng ylang and geranium essential oils are soothing scents.   Also good for bites, itches, dry spots, burns and wrinkles, and works as a bug repellent.
lavanda / geranio / ylang ylang / rosa / chamomile / lemongrass

Osa- pegajosa / Osa - sticky surf wax
natural and biodegradable !

Beeswax candles

All of our products are available by special order and at select locations in Costa Rica.  please contact us for your free samples today !.